Sunday, February 03, 2013

Digital society and a tragic cry for help via facebook (#EDCMOOC)

There's something I can't take out of my mind about the tragic death of 236 young people, that happened recently at the south of Brazil. A terrible fire in a nightclub with no emergency exit ended up with so many lives. It was really terrible and we're are still grieving deeply. 

One of the victims, a very pretty young girl, typed on her facebook timeline: “The Kiss nightclub is on fire: HELP”. Some time later, her FB friends replied: “What? Can you explain it better?”, “Are you ok?”, “Is everything alright?”. But this lady didn't have the chance to carry on with the conversation because she died. Those were her final words.

At that desperate moment, I wonder why didn't she just run and tried to scape? Or used her cell phone to call her parents or the firemen? Facing the imminent danger, however, she begged help on facebook. She tried to call the attention of her virtual friends in the middle of the night. My hypothesis is that she was so used with this social media that it was her first natural reaction, like when our hand releases the saucepan immediately after touching the hot surface. 

What else can we say? 

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Simone said...

Uau... Estou sem palavras. Um bom texto para reflexão...