Friday, February 15, 2013

"Have we always, sometimes or never been human?" (#edcmooc)

In this great video, Professor Steve Fuller (University of Warwick) invites us to think how “humanity” has been defined since ancient time. Something I've never reflected upon it, I confess. I've taken humanity for granted so far. 

I appreciated this question by the tutors of “E-learning and Digital Culture” course: 
Professor Fuller suggests that we are questioning the very existence of the ‘human’ because we have failed in the humanist project (for example, we are far from achieving racial, gender or class equality): do you believe this?”

Interesting that when I was watching some videos about the “cleanness” and perfection of a modern future, I would ask myself: but how about the poverty? What were the “technological” solutions to be able to extinguish the world's misery? 

I must agree that with so much violence around (collective rape in India, all the religious wars, corruption in Brazil) it's hard to consider we all belong to the same species. Some people do behave worst than animals. Sometimes we're so afraid to be under threat by technology (how we'll become slaves to the machines, for instance), that we forget how sadly we still are slavering each others. 

ONU is claiming one billion people to go to the streets this week to protest against women violence. One good example that we're still working in the humanist project, although we normally choose to invest millions of dollars to develop new (useless) machines or to avoid private economic bankruptcy.

Are they made out of...?
Other video also made me reflect about the “strangeness of being a human”. Some aliens come to Earth and discuss, in a surprise way, how we are made out of.. MEAT!
It's really cool. The humans look so stupid in the video that I feel quite ashamed of them as, in real life, I'm so ashamed of people that have prejudice against black people...

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