Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Libra Daily Horoscope: Nurture Yourself First

A importância de conhecermos a melhor forma de nutrir a si mesmo serve bem para todos os signos do zodíaco.

Hoje, me acolho, almoço berinjela, penso no namorado, planejo com amor o destino dos próximos meses sabáticos e, quem sabe, até um cinema à noite com Cilene? E a campanha do último reveillon entre bons amigos em Santa Catarina surge mais forte do que nunca:"Eu mereço!" .

August 10, 2011

"Today you may feel greater compassion for others and want to express yourself in a nurturing manner. It might seem easy for you to take on the challenges of the people around you in order to make their lives more comfortable. While it is important to want to save the world and help others, today you may also need to remember to nurture yourself first. Before giving to others, you can take a few minutes to do a loving-kindness meditation. Focus your attention on yourself, wishing that you will soon find love, peace, and happiness. Then widen this circle of love to include your family and friends, and finally all beings in the world. By doing this meditation you may notice that it becomes easier to truly help others.

Learning to extend compassion to ourselves first and then to others allows us to cultivate true care. When we feel the need to help other people we can easily wear ourselves out unless we make the effort to care for ourselves. We sometimes have the tendency to help other people and hope that we get something back in return, which means that our compassion is tainted by our desire to be needed.

By giving ourselves the love we need, however, we provide ourselves with the strength and unconditional love required to selflessly support others. Grounding ourselves in an unlimited source of love and peace lets us give so much more as a result. By practicing loving-kindness meditation today, you will give with a pure heart and increase the effects of your compassionate acts."

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Vou começar a campanha reveillon PNJ em florianópolis!!! Beijos querida. Uma ótima viagem! Tati