Thursday, February 16, 2006

Copacabana, I´ll be there! rolling, rolling, rolling stones on saturday

Anybody seen my baby?

She confessed her love to me
Then she vanished on the breeze
Trying to hold on to that was just impossible
She was more than beautiful
Closer to etherial
With a kind of down to earth flavor

Close my eyes
It’s three in the afternoon
Then I realize
That she’s really gone for good

Anybody seen my baby
Anybody seen her around
Love has gone and made me blind
I’ve looked but I just can’t find
Rolling Stones


1 comment:

Camila said...

Acredita que tava no Rio hoje trabalhando (ou seja, ida e volta grátis) e não quis ficar para os Rolling Stones? Já comprei o ingresso pro Fatboy Slim aqui em Brasília no mesmo dia e não quis trocar. Esse país é uma merd*: nunca tem nada, e qdo tem, é tudo no intervalo de uma semana!
Beijo e bom show!