Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Feliz ano novo!

A tradição oriental comemora hoje o início do ano do Cão de Fogo 2133. Esse animal simboliza a lealdade, a generosidade e a justiça. Que possamos aprimorar essas qualidades dentro de nós.

Será que eu já contei que a Sua Santidade Dalai Lama visitará São Paulo entre os dias 27-29 de abril? :) Fará palestras no Templo Zulai, no Anhembi, no Ginásio do Ibirapuera. Acesse a programação e reserve a agenda. Acho muito bela essa imagem dele vendo TV ;)

"The Year Of The Dog
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According to the Chinese calendar and zodiac, January 29, 2006 brings us the Year of the Dog. This means that we have the helpful energy of this loyal companion to accomplish much good in the world and in our lives this year.

When we think about dogs, we think of their steadfast love, loyalty, friendly companionship, and forgiving nature. Dogs are playful, but work hard and rest well. They create balance in their lives.

We can also choose this year as a time to focus on what's important in our lives and apply a dog's steady efforts to lovingly protect it. To the Chinese, dogs symbolize justice and equality. This can be a good year for humanitarian efforts and the group consciousness energy needed for rallies and protests.

The Chinese calendar includes a five-year cycle of elements, and fire is the element for 2006. This means that this year's dog energy is lit by the fire to get things accomplished.

(From DailyOM.com)

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