Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"The Brazilians are great people for telling stories on themselves...

... One story that was going the rounds a few years ago was about God and an archangel on the third day of creation. When the Lord Jehovah has finished making Brazil he can't help bragging a little to one of the archangels. He's planted the greatest forests and laid out the world's biggest river system and built a magnificent range of mountains with lovely bays and ocean beaches. He's filled the hills with topaz and aquamarine and sowed the rivers with gold dust and diamonds. He's arranged a climate free from hurricanes and earthquakes which will grow every conceivable kind of fruit.
" Is it fair, Lord,", asks the archangel, "to give so many benefits to just one country?"
"You wait," says the Lord Jehovah, "till you see the people I'm going to put there"

Esse eh o inicio do livro "Brazil on the move", by John dos Passos, que o Benjamim me emprestou.

Chove chuva em Tiradentes. Fizemos uma trilha linda ateh o topo da Serra de Sao Jose e conhecemos o interior da igreja matriz de Sao Joao Del Rey. Uma pizza agora, talvez?

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