Tuesday, November 02, 2010


"Looking into death needn't be frightening or morbid.
Why not reflect on death when you are really inspired, relaxed, and confortable, lying in bed, or on holiday, or listening to music that particularly delights you? Why not reflect on it when you are happy, in good health, confident, and full of well-being?

Don't you notice that there are particular moments when you are naturally moved to introspection? Work with them gently, for these are the moments when you can go through a powerful experience and your whole worldview can change quickly. These are the moments when former beliefs crumble on their own, and you can find yourself being transformed." Sogyal Rinpoche

Esse post dedico ao surfista Andy Irons.

Picture: a tibetan funeral. Para quem não sabe, o tradicional ritual funerário tibetano é deixar o corpo em cima de uma montanha para ser comido pelos pássaros. Não é por acaso esse monte de abutres na foto.

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