Monday, October 24, 2011

66 dias de viagem

"The leisurely pace of the voyage suited Tenzin Palmo's mood perfectly. 'It was like being in a bardo state, that world in between death and birth. You're not part of the past and not yet in the future. I had this limited time where I could just be on the boat, before the next chapter. It was a lovely way to travel...'"

Comecei a ler o livro "Cave in the snow", biografia de uma inglesa que tornou-se monja e passou 12 anos meditando em uma caverna na India. Quem faz esse tipo de retiro, nem cama usa: dorme sentado, em uma caixa (meditation box). Tenzin Palmo vive atualmente em Dharamsala, liderando o Thosamling - Institute for International Buddhist Women.

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Fernanda R. Lima said...

Já li.. maravilhoso!!