Monday, November 28, 2011

100 dias de viagem

Quem diria, meditando neste momento em Bodh Gaya! Este ano comemora-se 2600 anos da Iluminacao de Buddha Shakyamuni. Exploro o que eh sagrado dentro e fora de mim.

"Interpretation, even more than information, tell us what a thing is. This is certainly the case with religion. No facts, no data, will settle the matter of what it signifies. Religion is a result of perspective, and can be viewed from endless and opposite angles. Is it the great truth or is it the great illusion? It can be regarded with appreciation from within or with hostility from without. Through whose eyes, through what glasses, shall we see it? From what location? And if religious insiders have conflicting views, so do outsiders. Each approach seems to take its horizon as self-sufficient and appears to inhabit a universe of its own..."
William E. Paden, from "Interpreting the Sacred: Ways of Viewing Religion"

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Cilene said...

100 dias! o tempo é mesmo relativo - pode ser muito, pode ser logo ali.