Sunday, June 27, 2004

It takes a lotta love to keep your heart from freezing/ to keep your spirit free

Switched off the TV. No more Glastonbury live. Fell sleep at the sofa. The phone rang and woke me up. Tea time and sultanas scones with wild strawberries (from our garden). After the rainy day, now is scorchio! Didn't manage to go to work cause there are no buses to the beach on Sunday. Hard to believe! They have no idea what means the word "tourism" around here. Well, it seems that every single one has a Land Rover. I don't :) and spent one hour and a half listenning to some Bob Marley and waiting at the bus stop... Don't worry about the things, every little thing is gonna be al right Yeah, maybe if you have some dreadlocks heheheh Will walk downtown soon to go to a live jazz session at Kazbah. Mick is away but Dale is around doing some bits of work at the shed. Yeah, this afternoon he closed the door of the shed with the key inside. Tsc tsc tsc Mick's home is in danger with both of us :) The sound track of my lonely moment is still David Gray... My oh my!

"What on earth is going on in my head
You know I used to be so sure
You know I used to be so definite
Thought I knew what love was for
I look around these days and I'm not so sure

My oh my you know it just don't stop
It's in my mind I wanna tear it up
I've tried to fight it tried to turn it off
But it's not enough
It takes a lotta love
It takes a lotta love my friend
To keep your heart from freezing
To push on till the end

My oh my you know I just can't win
I burn it down it comes right back again
What kinda world is this we're living in
where you never win
It takes a lotta love
It takes a lotta love these days
To keep your heart from freezing
To keep your spirit free..."

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