Monday, September 27, 2004

Just relax...

"You rush here, rush there, striving to achieve...
Just take some time out.
Time away, time to reflect...
A time to think and seek relaxation...
That time away becomes a precious thing, an imperative.
When returnning our souls are refreshed, smoothed.
Our minds become regenerated.
Thus, equipped and ready to continue along our ever changing, ever challenging life path.

Life is balance.
Everyhting in the world needs balance.
Without natural equilibrium and calm, we cease to be effective.
Our decision are impaired.
Every now and then strive to achieve that exquisite equilibrium for your mind, body & soul.
Let balance and perfect harmony be your aim"

Respire... beijos da Carli Dechen Lhamo ;0) Posted by Hello

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