Friday, March 05, 2010

Meditação sobre a morte em ex-casa funerária

Saiu no The New York Times (Obrigada por compartilhar João e Franca).

Único comentário possível: ah, os americanos!
"What happens to a funeral home when it’s no longer a funeral home?

For Ava Gerber, who recently bought the Robert F. Cranford Funeral Home near Fort Greene Park on DeKalb Avenue, the answer was obvious: turn it into a yoga studio.

Then, bring students to the embalming room and help them meditate on death.

“You couldn’t really do effective death meditation unless you were in a funeral home,” said Gerber (grifo meu: será????!!), who has owned Lucky Lotus Yoga since 2005 and relocated from a location a few blocks away early this year. “Who would come to a death meditation in a regular studio?”

Death meditation has long been part of Tibetan Buddhist culture. Despite its name, it isn’t meant to be morbid. Instead, the practice allows people to confront death so they can live each day to the fullest. Traditionally, meditation took place alongside a corpse, which is why Gerber opened her studio in a space with an embalming room.

Early in February, during the studio’s second death meditation class, Gerber perched on a pillow in the darkened basement room, lit by a flickering candle. She reminded the class that the blood of hundreds — “maybe thousands” — of bodies had run through the room. Then, cutting through the still in staccato rhythm, she described a scene to a group of five students:

A little girl chases a ball. The girl runs onto the road. The girl dies... "

Leia o texto na íntegra, clicando aqui. (A foto eu surrupei da matéria)

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