Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Chuchu com barata!

Chuchu is the name of this green vegetable that apparently doesn't exist in Europe. I couldn't find any translation either. Actually, I found this plant at Eden Project in Corwall, where they create a miniature of a tropical forest. Most of brazilians think that chuchu is tasteless and don't like it at all. I just loved it! Specially fried with olive oil, spring onions and vinegar hmmmm (mom's recipe) I also think it's an interesting plant, full of electric green leaves and little thorns, with a cute shape. That's why (I suppose) I normally call dear friends as chuchuzinho/a ("little chuchu") because people in general are very interesting, but can hurt sometimes with their thorns and still be charm full and worthwhile. Some people are a bit tasteless and beige but adding some seasoning they'll be alright ;0)

Talking about the cockroach... well, I had no clue that it enjoyed eating chuchu! Just in England I guess heheheh

Uma terca-feira bem chuchuzissima para todos! Eu jantarei em um restaurante nepales a noite, com Vici e Pema da loja Uhuuuuuuu Girl's night!Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

heheheheehe Adorei o texto sobre o chuchu, Carli! Mas onde tu descolou essa foto de chuchu com barata, hein?! Urrrrrrrrrrrggggg! Beijos baianos pra ti, amada!

Anonymous said...

E aí chuchuzíssima, já tem data para voltar a Pindorama?

Fernando gauchitus

Carline :) said...

Carolzita baiana! A foto contendo a dignissima barata foi tirada por mim mesma no Eden Project.

Gauchitus! Mais um comentario seu! Que emocao :)
Jah comprei passagem sim, mas serah que vale a pena contar ou aparecer de surpresa?