Saturday, July 24, 2004

Black Hair

"Black hair, black like strong coffee.
Eyes diamond obsidian black, piercing,
penetrating beneath my pale white skin,
her olive tan smooth aubergine lips,
painted scarlet blood red cuts across the black and pale face creating a canvas paiting, liquid and proud.
Dark rust of hair, wild celtic air, cojoing fingers of silver,
dancing to the urgency of conversation.
Little bird flies into glass window, it can't escape unless through the air conditioner.
Her face can't disguise the wall of tears behind the frozen smiles.
Secure on his arm, her laugh gives away the shadow where she's hiding.
Build ourselves a luxury cell made with desire, ambition, hope of gain.
Only to lose everything,
only loneliness remains,
ride the surf, read the book, cling to hope.
Gucci bag and Rolex watch cost identity conform with a magazine belief.
We are free, aren't we ... ... ... ?"

Words of Youth

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