Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Patrick Swayze, Ian Anderson, Eva Cassidy

Just started a new book “Buddhism without beliefs (A contemporary guide to awakening)” and read the most precious description about friendship…

“In terms of dharma practice, a true friend is more than just someone with whom we share common values and who accepts us for what we are. Such a friend is someone whom we can trust to refine our understanding of what it means to live, who can guide us when we’re lost and help us find the way along a path, who can assuage our anguish through the reassurance of his or her presence”. Beautiful, hein? I felt so great that I sent some text messages (mobile) to some special friends like Ian and Vici.

Actually, Ian has been for the last week more than a friend. He’s the one capable of doing miracles! Like convincing me to kiss an English guy for the first time :) He is 32, was born in London, has such a great smile and an exotic frowned forehead that is almost unbelievable cause he’s not the kind of guy that get stressed easily. Yeap, he cleans his teeth and has a shower every day (he’s the miracle himself heheh He does smoke cigarretes though :-/) Well, It seems that the independent Brazilian Indiana Jones is kinda in love. But do romances with a dead line have a happy end?!!!!

E segue a noite ao som de Eva Cassidy, meu mais recem e precioso achado musical.

Minha amiga Bel me mandou e-mail dizendo que voltara para Australia no final de agosto. Sinto um aperto no coracao por nao ter como voltar para Londres e festar na despedida dela. Daih recebo outro e-mail “Don’t worry, babe. I’ll see you in two weeks!”. Bom saber que vem uma galera me visitar logo logo e eles nem se dao ao trabalho de me avisar hehehe. Que delicia receber visita…

Voltei do Blue com minha amiga Wiz, ambas cantando empolgadamente a trilha sonora semi-piegas de Dirty Dancing. Eu no monologo era o Patrick Swayze…
- Hello, Sylvia..
- Yes, Mick
- How do you call your lover boy?
- (In a wild way) I say “Come on, lover boy”
- And if he doesn’t answer?
- (Sweeter) Oh, lover boy…
-  And if he still doesn’t answer???
- (Even sweeter) I’ll simply say… Baby, oh, baby, my sweet baby, you’re THE ONE…

Boa noite! Que jah passa da uma e meia da matina e eu  comi parte de um quiche de salmao com brocolis do Sainsbury’s que o Mick comprou (dois por £2,50 hahahah)

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