Monday, July 26, 2004

Momentito bartender 1

Saturday was the busiest night at the Blue (so far). There was a surf competition during the whole weekend and two live rock band playing at the bar. I've probably served about 5.000 pints of larger and "trocentos" Jack Daniels and Coke :)))) A lot of staff working behind the bar... John, Vicky, Paddy, Ian, Amelie, Wiz, Tom, Jamie (they're all English, I'm the only foreigner. Well, there's also a very friendly French guy called Pierrrrrrrrrre but he wasn't working that night).

Top ten basic questions and answers that you definitely should know if you want to persuade a smashing, fantastic and glamorous career as a bartender in England hahahah:

Customer: May I have a glass of dry white wine?
Carline: Would you like a large or a small glass?
Customer: Laaaarge, please.

Customer: May I have spritza?
Carline: Ice on it?
Customer: No, thank you.
P.S: Spritza is a large glass of white wine with soda water and sometimes ice on it. You normally charge for just a small glass because the rest is just soda.

Customer: Gin and Tonic, please
Carline: Single or double?
Customer: Just a single, please
P.S: Single is 25 ml and double is 50 ml.

Customer: Two Jack Daniels and Coke, please
Carline: Single or double?
Customer: One double and one single.
P.S: Customers normally say the short name of the drink... JD&Coke or GT&Coke (Gin and Tonic).

Customer: One pint of Hooergarden, please
Carline: Do you drink with a slice of lemon?
Customer: No, I can't be bothered (hahahaha I've heard this one yesterday)
P.S: (Hooergarden is a name of a white beer and usually people drink with a slice of floating lemon)

Customer: 2 pints of larger shandy and 1 with the top, please
Carline: Do you prefer San Miguel or Carlsberg?
Customer: Whatever.
P.S: "Larger" is a general name for normal draught beer (Fosters, Stella Artois, Kronenburg 1666). "Bitter" is a stronger and warmer beer (John Smith Smooth, Tetley's).

English people like to put lemonade on the beer urghhhhhhhh
"Shandy" is half pint of lemonade and half of beer
"Top" is just a splash of lemonade (on the top, of course)
Ah, sometimes they ask for a pint of "Lime San Miguel" for example, then instead of lemonade is a splash of lime cordial. With the black beer Guiness, they like with blackcurrant cordial. Normally are the women, trying to make it less bitter. It's disgusting!

Customer: 3 Guiness, please
Carline: Extra cold or regular?
Customer: Extra cold!
P.S: To serve a perfect pint of Guiness, you have to pour till 70% of the glass, wait to settle down for 1 minute at least and pour the other part. It's nice because on the top you can always "draw" a shamrock (Irish national flower)

Customer: Which fruit juices do you have?
Carline: Orange, Cranberry, Apple, Pineapple, Grape fruit...
Customer: May I have orange top up with lemonade?
Carline: Sure. In a pint glass or just the standard one?
Customer: Just a normal, thank you.

Customer: Do you sell any crisps?
Carline: Sure.
Customer: Which flavour do you have?
Carline: Tai Sweet Chilli, Four cheese and red onion and Sea Salted and Black Pepper.
Customer: Sea Salted, please. And may I have some nuts?
Carline: Do you prefer dry roasted peanuts or just sea salted?
Customer: Hmmmmmm, dry roasted, please.

Customer: Do you sell paper for roll on cigarettes?
Carline: No, thank Goodness! You should stop smoking.

O Blue tem uma webcam para os surfistas conferir se ha ondas para pegar jacares. Eh meio podreira, mas enfim, vale a pena dar uma espiadela :0) (clica no Blue em Porthtowan)

A fotito eh de quando trabalhava no The Cottage, em Londres, com trancinhas rastafari. 
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